Monday, December 13, 2010


What an amazing time of the year December always measures up to be. It Seems that we experience a mix of emotions during this month that no other month really can accomplish. Excitement, anticipation, stress, frustration, love, amazement, anxiety, envy, sadness and joy all come snowballing in towards the end of the year inside us, and all around us.
So we remind ourselves and each other to breathe, relax and keep Love as the center of this season.
Several years ago before I had children of my own, one particular December was a bit tight and we were trying to figure out what to get for my two step children (both under 10 at the time) as gifts for Christmas. They had plenty of books, toys and clothes and everything at the stores was not only expensive, but plastic, loud, and maybe would last a year if we were lucky. So we got to thinking about abandoning the idea of buying them anything that December and instead this is what we did.

We created a secret get away room under the stairs in our house for them to hang out. The space was raw ( plywood floors, no power, and blank walls) with a secret door from the bathroom. We painted the walls with leftover paint in the garage, carpeted the floor with a recycled piece of carpet, drilled a hole in the wall to get power in there with a surge protector, added lights, an old tv, vcr, book shelf, books and a bunch of their movies, with two floor chairs. We had so much fun doing it and did not spend anything but time.

On Christmas morning each of the kids received a box wrapped under the tree with a scavenger hunt inside that led them to the secret room that until now was storage to them. We watched as they each opened the door to that new secret world. Watching them open their gift that morning was the best gift I had received in a long time.
Give it a try. Make something for someone this year while Doing More With Less!

Saturday, May 29, 2010